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Southern Great Wall

Southern Great Wall of Fenghuang is mostly situated in Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Xiangxi, Hunan province. It was built in Jiajing thirty-three years of Ming Dynasty, completed in Tianqi three years of Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1554 -- A.D. 1622). 

Fast Facts on The Southern Great Wall
Chinese name: 中国南方长城
Location: Fenghuang Ancient City
Entrance Fee: 45RMB/PAX
Opening Time : 8:00am--17:00pm

The Southern Great Wall stretches from Tingziguan of Tong Ren City in Guizhou Province to Jishou City in the Western of Hunan Province, which is known as the “ten thousand miles of Miao Territory ". The wall is 382 miles in length and is one of the hugest ancient buildings in China.

The Southern Great Wall.jpgThe Southern Great Wall was at one time referred to as" the wall of Miao Territory", which is about 180 kilometers long and most of it is still situated in the area of Fenghuang Town in Xiang Xi Autonomous Prefecture. In order to consolidate their rule i this place and keep away the thread of the Miao People's revolution, in the 33rd year of Emperor Jia Jin, Ming Dynasty(AD1554), the government started to build the wall. It had the function of patrollin, looking out and keeping the war away from the city. It is also had the effect of dividing the territory and military defence. Hence, the Miao People who lived inside the wall were and are still called" Shu Miao" whilst the ones living outside of the wall are called" Sheng Miao".

Sometimes they use pure clay or pure stone and sometimes they will mix the clay and stone together. In April of 2004, Mr.Luo Zhe Wen, the expert on Chinese ancient architectures carried out research on the flank wall of Yong Xing Ping in Liao Jiao Qiao County and one at Tuo Jia County. He cognized that this flank wall undoubtedly belongs to the Ming Great Wall. It was built to the same level as the Great Wall at Ju Yong Guan, Ba Da Ling, Mu Tian Yu and Si Ma Tai which can be found in the surrounding hills of Beijing. The Qingshi Ping inside the east city gate tower of Southern Great Wall has a super big Chessboard of ' Chinese Go ' with each side about 31.8 meters long. Its area is about 1011.23 square meters. The China-Korea ' go games' were held in 2003 and 2005. The pieces use white and black clothes to differentiate each other competitor. 

Today, The Southern Great Wall of Miao Territory which has slept in the history for hundred years finally brushed the dust and demonstrated in front of the world once again. In April 22, A.D.2000, Professor Luo Zhewen finally determined this place is just The Southern Great Wall, which caused domestic and international shock. The Southern Great Wall shows the characteristics of Ming dynasty, and contains politics, economy, military, and culture during that time. 

History has become the past, now the battlefield has become a popular scenic area, so The Southern Great Wall will arouse people’s infinite memory admiration of history once again.

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How to get there
From Fenghuang Ancinet City: Take shuttle buses running between Fenghuang and Ala Downtown in Fenghuang Bus Station and get off at The Geat Wall, 30 minutes riding and the ticket is 8 RMB/PAX.
Good to know: The children under 1.3m and the elder above 70 years old will be free to enter.