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6 Unknown Riddles of Tianmen Mountain

It is said in the words of the legend that seventy/eighty years ago, people could see the Tianmen Cave clearly by standing at the south dock of the river in Zhangjiajie City. But now you can just see the mountains, the cave is nowhere to be seen! [read more]

8 Famous Local Food in Zhangjiajie

' Baby Fish'(scientific name is Giant Salamader)is one of Zhangjiajie's special produce, it is also a famous dish in other parts of China, The traditional eating method is: to get rid of the phlegm, split its body and remove the waste, then cut into strip [read more]

The World's No.1 Things in Zhangjiajie

The Glass Bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is the most popular scenic spot recently, completed and opened to pubic in October 2016, Glass Bridge is the highest and longest transparent glass bridge with a length 430 meters and a width 6 meters. [read more]