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6 Unknown Riddles of Tianmen Mountain

1, The turning Tian Men

It is said in the words of the legend that seventy/eighty years ago, people could see the Tianmen Cave clearly by standing at the south dock of the river in Zhangjiajie City. But now you can just see the mountains, the cave is nowhere to be seen! If you want to see the cave from Zhangjiajie City, you have to go to the Da Yong Bridge which is four kilometers away from the dock. This is one of the Six Unknown Riddles of Tianmen Mountain, called the' Turning Tian Men'; it has given the Tianmen Cave a mysterious ring and distinctively bright glow.

Tianmen Cave.jpg

2, Tianmen Cave Opens

Tianmen Cave is the highest natural cavity which passes through the mountain. As regards to the stimulation for Tianmen Cave's formation, experts have differing opinions, up till now there is still no convincing hypothesis.

3, Shadow of Gui Gu

This is recorded in the book written by Emperor Daoguang in Qing Dynasty called ' Yong Ding Xian Zhi'. There are deep and serene rock formations inside the Gui Gu Cave, as the spring flows undereath. Gui Gu Zi used to live here in the pursuit of completing his most esteemed work ' The Book of Changes', and the Jia Zi seal/character can still be spotted on the wall as it has been maintained over the years. Since 1991, the bravest men hailing from Tian Men Mountain have used the unorthodox way of climbing the mountain by throwing the rope from the top of mountain to the mouth of the Gui Gu Cave. In the process of exporing the cave, they experienced varying kinds of mysterious phenomenon that has to this day been left unraveled. Most notable is what happened during the fourth exploration, the brave men used their cameras to take photos, and by accident, they captured a head portrait that looks harrowingly like an elderly man's head from around 500BC on the face of the rock wall. The face of the portrail is very clear, hair tied up in a very tidy bun, his chin a bit raised and his facial features shown in the picture are unnervingly crystal clear. Coincidentally the portrait looks like very much like that of Gui Gu Zi, is it possible that he has returned to this enigmatic cave? During the last few expeditions, people travel to the cave with the intention of capturing this harrowing picture, but alas it has since proven to be in vain as all subsequent pictures have produced blanks. So is the picture they took during the fourth exploration just a coincidence or is the Gui Gu Zi portrail really lurking in the Tianmen Caves? The cynical among us find it difficult to fathom that this was arranged by the heavens above, but until a day of firm conclusion, this place will remain one of the Six Unknown Riddles of Tianmen Mountain.

4, Tianmen Tilting Water

In the dry season a stream of water will suddenly appear from the Rock wall at the right side of Tianmen Cave. Each time it will tilt for about half an hour and in all of history's recollections it has only happened on a few accasions: 1949 ( foundation of republic of China), year 1965 ( culture revolution), year 1998 ( national wide flood). It is said by the local people that the water coming from the rock stone is two types, clear water and muddy water each represents different things. Since the founding of the Republic of China, if the water turns out to be muddy the country will without doubt experience fatal consequences.

5, Tian Men Unicorn

It is recorded that at one time there was a unicorn living in the virgin forest of Tianmen Mountain, which was spotted by the local people. This animal looks quite like the ancient Chinese legend Rui Shou which has been passed down through many generations. Its body looks like a tiger, completely red with a horn in the middle of its Calvarias. If this animal meets any Homosapian by accident, it will suddenly disappear leaving no trace of its existence behind it.


6, Treasures hidden by Ye'fu

Ye Fu, was the main general of Chuang Wang - Li Zicheng, and after becoming a monk, he was blessed with the name " Ye' fu" during the 'Yong Ding Xian Zhi’. After he was defeated by the Qing Army, Ye'fu ran to this mountain to be a monk. As we all know, when Li Zicheng's army were defeated, he fled Beijing and he took with him all the treasures of Beijing, with the intention of starting his revolution somewhere else. So the reason Ye'fu decided to live at the top of Tianmen Mountain was so as to hide the treasures from the fast approaching army. Hundreds of years have passed by and still scores of people come here from all over the to look for the treasures, but nobody has found them and if they have, then it is one of the best kept secrets in Chinese history. All remains a myth!!

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