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The World's No.1 Things in Zhangjiajie

1, The Glass Bridge - The longest and highest glass bridge in the world

The Glass Bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is the most popular scenic spot recently, completed and opened to pubic in October 2016, Glass Bridge is the highest and longest transparent glass bridge with a length 430 meters and a width 6 meters. It is 300 meters above the ground level and it can bear 800 persons standing on it at the same time. It was paved with transparent glass, in the middle of the bridge there is a bungee jumping platform which is the highest in the world. There is no steel structure in the bridge which is made entirely of glass.

Glass Bridge.jpg2, Bailong Elevator - The world's tallest full-exposure outdoor elevator

Yuanjiajie is one part of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which is also the inspiration for Hallelujah Mountain in AVATAR. Because of this movie, Yuanjiajie becomes one of the must visit places when travellers come to Zhangjiajie, the fastest and most convenient way to reach Yuanjiajie is by riding Bailong Elevator. Cost 180 million RMB and take 3 years to build it on the cliff, Bailong Elevator gains 2 world records:The tallest (326M) full-exposure outdoor elevator in the world; fastest (5M/S) elevator in the world. After completing Bailong Elevator, you just need to ride the elevator up Yuanjiajie for 66 seconds instead of hiking up for 2 hours.

3, Tianmen Cablecar - the longest one-way recycling passenger cablecar in the world

Has a length of 7455 meters and a height gap of 1279 meters. Tianmen Cablecar is the longest one-way recycling passenger cablecar in the world. Located in the center of Zhangjiajie City, Tianmen Cablecar will take the tourists from the atmosphere of modern city directly to the hug of the primitive garden in the air. During the running of cablecar, the landscape transforms into a kaleidoscope, making the tourists experience a miraculous feeling of flying angels in the sky as well as of being blended into a long grand painting of landscape. The mountain-winding highway of Tianmen Mountain, nicknamed as Heaven-Linking Avenue, has a total length of less than 11 kilometers. Yet the elevation of it rises sharply from 200 meters to 1300 meters. The avenue rises steeply according to the form of mountain. The 99 blends link closely with each other and pile up in layers, making a pattern of a circling flying dragon reaching the skyline. Tourists marvel at it, which is worth the title of the Top Highway Wonder in the World.

Tianmen Cablecar.jpg4, Yunding Club - The World's Bigest Bar

Yun Ding Club is a big comprehensive entertaining club,including opera house,performance & art center,KTV, bar and western restaurant with an opening-closing lotus dome with largest diamater around the world,360-degree panoramic luxury theater, fluctuation revolving stage and 3,800 seats.Yun Ding Art Troupe contains 55 performers and keeps long term cooperation with the domestic and foreign artists from Russia,Ukraine,America,etc.The performance is very spectacular and unique, and it is up to 130 minutes with barely host, see inaccessibly in China and aboard. Yun Ding gained the popularity among the public science September 2016.

5, Jiuchongtian Hereditary Hall - The higest stilted  house in the world

The wooden 9-storied Jiuchongtian Hereditary Hall was constructed on a steep slope without using a single nail was even listed in the Guinness World record. It contains thousands of relics of the Tujia and is the "museum" of all things Tujia. Walking through the park, the tourists stopped by wooden houses that showcased different aspects of the Tujia tribe, from unique embroidery skills to farming techniques and wine-brewing, we experienced the typical life of a Tujia villager. The tourists were also able to view the "crying marriage" ritual and learn more about the customs and traditions of the Tujia ethnic minority.