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4 Days Discovering Culture Tour in Zhangjiajie

Client: Theresa Ann     Nationality: USA     Pax: 1

Itinerary: Tianmen Mountain - Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Thanks to our amazing tour planner Simon of Tour-Zhangjiajie I had an amazing tour in Zhangjiajie. The guide Andy has perfect English and was attentive to everything I needed, ensuring I was happy with my hotel room and tried his best to keep me away from the big Chinese groups when I was in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Tianmen Mountain, and he explained so much about the local culture and lifestyle. I learned so much, and enjoyed every day when I was in Zhangjiajie. He gave me choices along the way, and would make extra stops for specific requests. I did not think I needed this much assistance, as I have traveled several times to Asia, but because so few Chinese people speak English, I appreciated dining suggestions and assistance with finding authentic souvenirs. I chose to stay in Pullman Hotel which is the first international 5 star hotel in Zhangjiajie area, Pullman Hotel has a good location to all scenic spots in Wulingyuan downtown, I love the views around the hotel so much. It was a great private tour. Simon was very quick to respond to each and every email. I would recommend Tour-Zhangjiajie to anyone. I have never seen such first class service from start to finish. Thanks.