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3 Days Classic Tour in Zhangjiajie

Client: Barbara Wai Yin & Alan Wai Young     Nationality: UK     Pax: 2

Itinerary: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park - Glass Bridge - Tianmen Mountain

We booked our zhangjiajie tour with Tour-Zhangjiajie, Frank was my tour guide during the 3 days of my and my brothers stay in Zhangjiajie. I was very happy to meet Frank because his English is fluent. You will have no problems having a conversation with him or even asking him lots of questions. During the 3 days I had been to Tianzi Mountain, Glass Bridge, Skywalk, Avatar Mountain were very beautiful.

On the 1st day it was raining all day and the mist was heavy so it was quite disappointing as the weather was not on our side. Frank went the extra mile to agree to take us to the mountain on day 3 to make my trip unforgettable. He checked the weather report and it said that potentially day 3 would be good and that I will be able to see a much better view.

Frank changed the itinerary slightly to ensure that we can at least try to see the mountains again before we go without the mist. We had a very busy day on day 3 because we had to fit 3 days of itinerary into 1 day! and Frank helped us achieve it. It was very hectic but we managed it.

Day 3 was a sunny day and we were lucky to finally see what Zhangjiajie has to offer!!!

Fellow travellers do not look anywhere else, please speak with Frank at Tour-Zhangjiajie and he will give you the very best experience you can have. If we come back here one day I will be sure to ask for Tour-Zhangjiajie again.