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6 Days Classic Culture Budget Tour in Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang

Client: Carlo & Anne     Nationality: UK     Pax: 2

Itinerary: Zhangjiajie - Fenghuang Ancient City

From the beginning Frank was super helpful in organising the tour. I done extensive research on the area so I had in mind what our group will want to see. Frank catered for us very well providing a customised itinerary and tips on our stay. Unfortunately, he was not able to provide the tour himself due to unexpected circumstances on his side but he did allocate us his friend Zinia for our whole stay. The service was very good and I highly recommend taking out a guide in Zhangjiajie unless you speak Chinese. We were provided with transport to and from our place of stay and all attractions as well as the extensive knowledge of the scenic area by the guide. Initially, I thought our transport meant we will literally be driven from site to site in a private car, however, this was not the case. There are instances where buses need to be taken in the scenic area and this was not a problem but a slight miscommunication error. From our emails I deducted that Frank will have a set driver for our whole stay (perhaps someone he uses frequently), however, upon arrival it seemed that the driver hired to pick us up (with the guide of course) must have been new as we were told he will not be used the next day due to his poor service - he didn't bother to help us with our luggage in pouring rain. Lastly, there were some situations in which communicating in English with our guide during our stay was slightly problematic. Again, this wasn't an issue for anyone as this is not their native language and we couldn't have spoken better in Chinese ourselves. It is all part of the experience so please be open minded and respectful.

So why a 5 star rating? If it wasn't for Frank and Zinia we would not have left Zhangjiajie as planned and we would have missed our flight back to the UK. We were due to fly out from Zhangjiajie on the evening of our last tour day but on our way back from Tianmen mountain Zinia informed us that our flight was cancelled. The airline offered a flight the next day (which could have been cancelled again) but we were not able to reschedule our flight back to the UK. After hours of searching we found a route that will fly us to Nanjing and then we could take a train to Shanghai. It was all rushed and we had to pack in 10 minutes or we would miss our flight. I cannot thank Zinia and Frank enough for helping us during this time and for providing transport to the airport in a huge rush. Zinia stayed with us at the hotel to help out and kindly paid for our tickets at the airport (we did pay her back of course). We really felt like they both cared and went above and beyond for what they had to do. Therefore, I highly recommend Frank to anyone thinking of coming to Zhangjiajie.